Listening Eyes Theatre Company is a non-for-profit theatre company focused on elevating underrepresented communities, bridging social gaps, and telling new and unique stories through the theatre arts.



As a company, we plan to produce new plays, musicals, and theatre experiences in New York City’s finest theater venues. We aim to produce high quality work that will not only entertain but inspire our audiences.


Historical Narrative: 

This company was founded by individuals who have personally been excluded from the conversation, dealt with prejudice, and experienced what it is like to not feel supported in a community they value. Our company aims to create a safe and creative atmosphere where everyone feels heard and supported.



  • We believe in equal opportunity for all people of different races, genders, and backgrounds
  • We believe in condemning hateful speech and prejudice
  • We believe in bringing new conversations to the artistic table
  • We believe in storytelling
  • We believe in the fair treatment and valuing our actors and production staff
  • We believe in producing high quality and exceptional work